Introducing "whoport"

When developing web applications you start and kill various services which listen to some ports from time to time.

Sometimes you end up with some port which is used by some process and you don’t know which one and would just like to kill it in order to get on with your work.

For this, I have built whoport.

What it does

whoport is a simple command line utility which can be used to determine process ID(s) which listen to a given port number.
And you can even kill the process(es) with the command in one go.

It’s tested on Windows, OSX and various Linux distributions.


$ npm i -g whoport


$ whoport 80 # will output process ids listening on port 80 and asks if you want to kill them
$ whoport 80 -k # kills processes which listen on port 80


If you want to contribute or report some issues, head over to the GitHub Repository!